Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Review


As I expected, Kung Fu Panda 2 was simply amazing. Basically the dragon warrior “Po” was destined to defeat a certain evil villain, and the destiny never lied. Eventually Po made his way to defeat the evil villain who happened to be a peacock. In this movie, Po found out that he was adopted, but later he adjusts his life to that and accepts himself for who he is. This movie was a great movie since it had a lot of humor in it and I laughed countless times with my friends. I loved how Jack Black was so enthusiastic when he was speaking and also how good he was in playing to role of Po. This movie so far is one of the best movies I’ve seen so far. Even in the fighting scenes where it should be all serious, it was actually funny how the whole fighting process went. When Po was fighting a wolf, he fought him on a wheelbarrow which was pretty fun to watch and also, it was fun to see how Po managed to stay on the wheelbarrow as he was fighting the wolf. Enough spoiling, in the end, it turns out that Po’s real dad is alive which makes me eager to watch Kung Fu Panda 3 although it’s not out yet.


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KungFoo Panda 2: thoughts before watching it

KungFoo Panda 2 is out! I’ve been waiting for this moment for more than 2 weeks! This saturday I am going to watch it and quite frankly, I can’t wait to write a review about this movie. I saw Kungfoo panda 1 which was amazing. Starring Jack Black as a voice for the main character in Kungfoo Panda, the enthusiastic and life in the voice totally got me into the movie. I am extremely excited about watching this movie since I love Jack Black as a person and I love his voice most importantly. His singing voice, everything. Jack Black is funny, and he is also a great actor himself which explains how he’s so good at covering up a voice for the Panda!  To give a basic summary of the first movie, Po, the panda basically goes to train and become a warrior as he is indeed the chosen one. He meets other warriors that are extremely agile and skillful and their task was to defeat a former student of Po’s master. And Po did defeat that student later in the story. Since the first movie was great, I expect so much from the second movie and I know it will be good. I can’t wait to watch this movie and I will write a review very soon about the movie!

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Everything is coming to an end. My 10th grade life, upperclassman’s life in KIS, and tests in the year of 2011. I’m glad that my life as a 10th grader is almost over but also sad. I feel like I haven’t showed my true potential in school and rather showed my potential outside of school. Also, this year was probably the year that I actually was able to get help from my teachers as they guided me to the way to get better and they gave me an advice a lot in order for my skills in academics to improve. There are still so many things that I haven’t accomplished in my 10th grade life such as getting a 4.0 GPA, or as little thing as becoming a better child. I am trying to improve in my academics, but I know that I am not the type of person who would just improve tremendously all of the sudden. Another factor that is sad as things are coming to an end is that upperclassman that I admired and served as a role model is leaving KIS forever, in terms of learning in KIS. In cross country team, some of upperclassman were very influential and were crucial to our team. Thinking that they are leaving just gives me a sad feeling. Cross country team won’t be the same without the upperclassman. I hope I could meet some of the upperclassman in future years and I will, eventually, derive word of advice on life. TESTS. I’m glad these are over… oh wait…. not over yet, but over soon. Tests basically bugged me the whole entire school year. I despised tests, and didn’t like’em at all. Strangely, as those tests are coming to an end in my 10th grade life, I think I will miss the easy tests that I took in my junior year when I take all the harder tests in Aps and etc. As all things come to end, I think I get this feeling that I will eventually miss them. I realized that end, is not always a good thing. In my junior year, I hope I could pursue better grades and better high school life.

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Movie review: Pirates of Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides

On Saturday, I watched the movie, the Pirates of Caribbean 4, On Stranger Tides. In my personal opinion, to actually understand the content of this movie, I believe that watching pirates of caribbean one, two, and three is necessary. To give a little bit of a spoiler, movie starts out by Gibbs, mistakenly recognized as captain Jack Sparrow, is taken to the english court due to a rumor that Jack Sparrow is setting on a sail. Obviously, Jack is a bit of curious of who is spreading this rumor and who is impersonating him. Jumping to the next phase, after Jack wakes up in a boat and it turns out to be the black beard’s boat, and the story continues…. To know what happens next, and before, go watch the movie! This movie was probably the most entertaining movie of the Pirates of Caribbean series. I actually was hooked by the introduction of this movie and so forth, my eyes were lured into the movie. There were a lot of entertaining actions performed by captain Jack Sparrow. Also, I am currently playing the Pirates theme song in my orchestra so I was really glad to here the music that I am currently playing in the actual movie. There were many actions throughout the movie with a surprising end. Also there were many romantic scenes that pretty much carried on throughout the movie. Of course, Jack Sparrow’s humor heavily influenced the movie. This movie was great and I can’t wait till Pirates of Caribbean 5 comes out.

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Facebook Project: asian studies!

In asian class in my school, we are currently doing a “FACEBOOK PROJECT”. This project excited many people in our class since! this project gave us an opportunity to use facebook in class! One sad news came to us though. We were not allowed to use our real facebook account. Instead we had to create a new account that resembled a historical figure that we were assigned to. There were many famous historical figures such as Kim Ill-sung, Sygmand Rhee, Kim Ok Kyun, Mae Zedong. I was assigned to a Chinese writer named Lu Xun. At the first glimpse of the name of my character, I was disappointed because I had no idea who the h Lu Xun was. This was not the sad part! In the facebook page that we created, I had to add other characters who, in the course of the history, worked with my character. I also had to update my status according to what my guy would’ve said. We had to read a certain document and had to reply according to the beliefs of our character. Lu Xun was a writer, editor, and I did not match my character since writing is the last thing I would do for my career. This project at first was very interesting, but later on I realized that it was educational AND interesting.

This is a photo of my character’s facebook page!  To visit, http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002401087052


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Brave New World: Book preview

     We are currently reading Brave New World in our english class. Before I even began reading this book, I knew a basic background of this book which was that this book deals with a dystopian society. As many of you may know, dystopia is opposite of the ideal society, utopia. To give a basic background of this book, the book was written by Aldous Huxley who is an English writer. Aldous wrote this book during the period of industrial revolution where the mass production of goods was first introduced to the world. Although mass production increased the amount of productions, Huxley didn’t really like the idea of the mass production which was satirized in the book Brave New World.  So far, I may not love the length of pages that I have to read, but content itself is amazing and it even seems like Huxley predicted future view of our present days, 2011, as some elements that Huxley mentioned clearly corresponds to the problems that we see in our present world. Also, I could clearly see that this book will be interesting since even in the very beginning the mottos,Identity, community, and stability, do not make any sense since identity and community cannot coexist in which Huxley was trying to show the readers the truth of dystopian world. Huxley clearly satirized the concept of mass production with Human mass production in the dystopian world which shows how insightful and intelligent Huxley was in being able to come up with an idea of Human mass production that resembles the idea of mass production. During the course of the book, I felt like society that exists in Brave New World contains some elements that is way better than our current society. Somehow the idea of government making people like the work they do didn’t sound like such a bad idea to me. I thought that it is better than government forcing people to work in a job they do not like. It is a sad truth that in dystopian society, the people are conditioned to like their jobs without realizing that they have been conditioned that way by the government, I don’t necessarily think that’s any worse than government forcing people with less desire to work since if a person is at least “conditioned” to like the job, the efficiency rate will be higher than a person who is forced. Also, although government controlling the population might sound like an immoral action, our world right now is clearly facing problems that deals with population which I think could be resolved by government’s interaction in human production. I am not saying a dystopian world is better than the society we live in right now, but I’m suggesting an idea that there are elements in a dystopian society that we could consider putting into an action just to resolve the problems that we currently face. I think Huxley is a genius writer for writing about such complicated topic in a way that made us think over the current problems that we face in our society.

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Everyone in KIS has a macbook. Macbook is a necessity that is used in class almost everyday. I personally like using macbook in many different aspect. I like doing my homework with my macbook, projects, games, and all sorts of stuff. I never had a day off without my macbook for a year almost. Without macbook, I basically will feel empty. I realized that my love for macbook lead me to do something other than academic works with my macbook. Most of the times, I notice myself on facebook, or doing something other than academic stuff. Whenever my mom pointed this out to me, I got stressed out and just ignored what my mom said. But! Now I have realized the seriousness of having macbook, maybe not having macbook but doing something other than academic stuff on macbook became a serious issue to me. I realized that I really need to be serious and start self-controlling. I spend less time on homeworks and more time on chatting, going on facebook, etc. It’s almost the end of quarter 3. To start out a new fresh quarter, I am going to consider getting my head straight and actually work on staying away from my macbook as much as possible and even if I need to be on my macbook, I’m going to try to do something academic. Even when I study for tests, I find myself using macbook on non-academic purposes which troubled me.  Also, I realized that listening to other people’s advice can also help me, and probable that it will not hurt me most of the time. So I’m going to use my macbook on academic purposes mostly (HOPEFULLY) and will seek for grade improvements in the last quarter of the year.

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